• Welcome to PTL Valve Services A/S
  • Welcome to PTL Valve Services A/S
  • Welcome to PTL Valve Services A/S

About Us

PTL Valve Service, a privately-held oilfield service company, is a distinguished provider of comprehensive maintenance services for xmas trees and wellheads to clients throughout the oil and gas industry. Our core capabilities span across both offshore and onshore environments.

As a reputable supplier, we specialize in the maintenance of all varieties of valve and wellhead equipment. Our proficiency and expertise are backed by years of hands-on experience, having worked extensively with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) suppliers. In addition to our routine services, we excel in manufacturing T/A Caps and providing engineering support for workovers and Plug & Abandonment operations on aged wells.

With PTL, clients gain a competitive advantage. Our efficient and high-quality services are coupled with faster delivery times, which significantly reduce costs. However, this does not compromise our commitment to safety, which remains a key priority in all our operations.

At PTL, we constantly innovate, guided by the principles of API Specifications. Our accumulated experience allows us to develop forward-thinking solutions that address the unique needs of every client in the oil and gas industry.

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